Tuesday’s (& Free Boos) at Infusion Lounge

Start with a reasonably priced happy hour from 6-9 and work your way into free liquor samples around 10pm. Try a different liquor each week as Infusion Lounge plays host to the SFOB and a new liquor company every Tuesday. 

Take a seat at a liquor display and be educated by a brand ambassador on the company’s newest products, mixtures, and ingredients — and of course, drink free alcohol. 

If you like what you taste, you’re in luck; it’s also the well for the night. So even after happy hour good liquor is available at a decent price. The Tuesday’s I’ve been to have featured SKYY, Beefeater, Arta Tequila, and Leblon Cachaca. All were fantastic (read, free). Tonight (5/24) is Hangar One. 

Lots to do on Tuesday’s but with a good crowd, good music, and free boos, Infusion Lounge is a very respectable choice.

Shhh…new speakeasy - Wilson & Wilson

You may not be a secret agent, but that shouldn’t stop you from drinking like one.

Hidden on a seedy corner of downtown San Francisco, finding Wilson & Wilson takes a detectives aptitude and a socialites penchant for being in the know. Location is just one facet of your mission, however. In true speakeasy fashion, entrance also requires reservations and a password.

These items can be found easily enough online, BUT, forget either and you’re out of luck.

Arrive on time to verify your password and reservations. Once confirmed, you’ll be whisked away by an undoubtedly good looking hostess through a hallway, another bar, AND a secret corridor to your specially reserved seat at the bar. 

Once inside, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a cocktail time machine. Tasteful black and white decor and fully suited and dapper staff show off the attention to detail.

Open your very own menu/case file and dive into the unique cocktail list and the mysterious backstory that is Wilson & Wilson. 

A great spot for a date - or just ridiculously good cocktails - a trip to The Wilson is a MUST for anyone who enjoys cocktails, ambiance, and San Francisco history..

(Brand New) Swag in North Beach - Tope

Specialty Cocktails. Skilled Bartenders. And Local Flavor. Tope brings an old school vibe to the trendy streets of north beach. With a full cocktail list (pictured above) and reasonable prices, don’t be surprised if you walk out of here with your finances still in tact AND a nice buzz. 

We walked in around 4:30pm on Friday and Bruce, your go-to BT, is chillin, swag on full attack with an old school ‘stache and square shades. The bars empty but he’s immediately ready to go to work.

It’s 4:30pm, so I order beer. Adam’s on a “diet,” so he orders vodka on the rocks (yes, wasted is a diet). I say cheers and Bruce is quick to pour himself a shot. Nice. A true professional, Bruce knows his drinks and San Francisco liquor history WELL.  

The moral of this story? Next time your in North Beach, check out this new gem and holler at Bruce for a good cocktail. 

Cocktails @ Cantina


Delicious cocktails, a swanky vibe, and knowledgeable bartenders…Enough said, right?

Stop by the Cantina after work, or anytime really, to try one of their unique cocktails and get lost in the dimly lit, upscale atmosphere put forth so effortlessly.

Any questions about the many bottles behind the bar (no seriously, there’s like 200) should be directed to the always knowledgeable resident bartender/owner/jack-of-all-things-liquor, Dougin.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to try his very own brand of pisco, Encanto.


$1 beers at HiFi!

Sounds too good to be true? Yet, this stunning deal is accurate. Thursdays and Fridays from 7pm to 10pm, walk into HiFi & grab yourself a dollar beer, or 10!